Important Label Applicators For Labelling Industry

A label applicator is an industrial robot that can automatically apply and print adhesive label over different materials. These label applicators are available in various models and brands. Some of these applicators include automatic applicators, push button applicators, push pad applicators, rotary brush applicators and slotted applicators. An automatic  CTM label applicator provides ease of operation and flexibility. They are the best option for applications where heavy-duty label printing is required. 

Some types of label applicators are manual, semi-automatic, automatic and dual action applicators. Dual action applicators are used for the printing of both pre-printed labels and direct, apply pre-printed labels. Manual applicators are used to manually apply pre-printed labels. These applicators have various parts including drum, roller, blade, head, tank and applicator bag.

The use of label applicators has increased over the years. They are useful in various labelling applications. As far as the label applicators are considered, they play a major role in the fields of food and cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals, personal care, nursery, textile, packaging, arts and crafts, electrical and electronics and many more. It has been found that these applicators are essential for the correct application of adhesive labels on the different products and items. They help in reducing wastage and also help to provide quality performance. There are various advantages of using label applicators.

CTM Labeling Systems provides ease of operation. This means that the label application equipment facilitates easy handling and rapid application. They have the ability to meet the needs and requirements of all users with flexibility. It is one of the most important equipment for any type of labelling industry. Labelling brand owners must ensure that they provide the best label applicators to their customers.

Automatic label applicators are the right solution for all labeling applications. This is because they ensure that the application process is carried out smoothly without any hassle. Automatic label applicators increase the speed of the application process and reduce errors. They are reliable, robust and efficient and so it makes sense to use these label applicators for all labeling requirements.

Label pack automation equipment allows you to save money. You do not need to purchase manual applicators anymore. Instead you can get fully automatic or semi-automatic label applicators. Automatic applicators are suitable for large areas. On the other hand, semi-automatic label applicators are suitable for smaller areas or medium sized labels. You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here:

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